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A Lifetime of HEADLINES!

A Lifetime of SCANDALS!

The MUSICAL of a Lifetime!


The lights come up on a courtroom.  It is 1937.  Reporters and spectators eagerly await the arrival of “Madcap May” Yohe.  May, the legendary star of stage and scandal long past her glory days, is—as usual—late.  When she finally does arrive, bedlam ensues and the courtroom goes wild.


Her tardiness and antics do not win her any favor with the Judge, nor does her scandal-ridden past.  His Honor is charged with determining whether or not May will be granted a reinstatement of her U.S. Citizenship, which she inadvertently surrendered decades earlier.  He is disinclined to believe that somebody with so scandalous a reputation is deserving of U.S. Citizenship.


May is desperate, for without the Citizenship, she will be unable to perform in a large WPA benefit show, which she hopes will jump-start her flagging career. So, to convince the Judge of her worthiness, she begins to tell her life’s story.


As she steps onto the stand, her history unfolds in flashback.  Modern-day May interacts with characters from her past—including younger versions of herself.  Members of the courtroom audience become active participants in the incredible story of the diva’s legendary stage performances (many), scandals (many more) and men (still more!)


Loosely based on this great lady's true life, MADCAP MAY! is the latest musical from the award-winning pen and piano of Ron Lytle, creator of "The Man Who Saved Christmas" and "OH MY GODMOTHER!" and many other successes.

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